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Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I’m Nancy Chauhan. I love adventures. Currently, I am an Engineer at Grofers, India. Outside Engineering, I love creating vector illustrations, photography or reading about various topics.
Hope you have a nice stay!

Latest Posts

Faster Builds with Docker Caching

Recently was working around speeding up CI Build, which took time around 50 min. This post is about speeding up builds with Docker caching and Buildkit. It is a little concept, but it is significant to know as this helped me to reduce timings from 50 min to 15 min.

DNS Resolution

Recently was working around DNS and thought to put it here!

Docker on mac vs linux

🐳Docker is different on Mac and Linux systems. Docker directly leverages the kernel of the host system on Linux. On the other hand, Mac does not provide a Linux kernel, so Docker runs on a small Linux VM running on a mac. Due to this, there are many differences.

Today I Learnt: Git Submodules

It often happens that while working on one project, you need to use another project from within it. For that, we can make use of git submodules.